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    Thread: Hi from Austria

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      Hi from Austria

      Hi there, my name is Gillian, am in my 40s, previously from London but now living in a beautiful mountain village in Austria with my Austrian husband. Looking forward to posting more often on this forum.

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      Andy Chapman
      Well Welcome Gillian nice to have you here.
      You may be our first member from Austria.

      Enjoy the Forum & happy posting.


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      Thanks Andy, I guess that means that a lot of people will be in bed when I am up and vica versa. Looking forward to being part of the forum.

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      Andy Chapman
      Yes Gill, you'll have messages galore when you wake up tomorrow.

      Nite Nite sleep tight.


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      I holidayed a few times in austria , its a lovely country, so clean and lovely mountain air. We did find it quite expensive...even for a cup of tea, but still loved the place, I won a medal for dancing once, what a laigh that was dancing with an austrian

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      Hi Gillian,
      Welcome to Britsabroad. I hear Austria is a beautiful place, if you get chance pop some pics in your album here so we can see how it is there