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      Hi from Batemans Bay NSW

      Hi all,

      I'm new to all this forum lark so please be patient:goofy:
      We moved here to Batemans Bay last November, its a beautiful place but very quiet and a real country way of life. My husband is a carpet fitter and has work which is good but we are considering moving to Victoria possibly Mornington area, any advice would be welcome.

      I can see this becoming addictive, can't believe I never got into this when we was in the UK.

      Loving our new life, just a bit lonely at times....

      Thanks Hayley

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      Hi Sheena,

      Thanks, just me husband Ryan and dog Hattie.
      Also joined pio and your right been on it for the last 2 hours, lots of interesting stuff, nosing in on what other people are talking about!!!

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      Hi Haley & welcome to BA.
      We have been in Mornington for 18 months now & Luv it.
      Happy to offer any advice.

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      Hi Hayley,

      Not many members on here yet, but I'm sure it will pick up, but Tim is gonna have to stop creating these sites, i'm now members of 3 of his

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      Hi Lesley

      Have been researching every thing I can about Mournington Peninsula on the internet and it all looks good. We are planning a trip in July to get a good look around so if you can give me any good tips on places to eat and drink!!! My husband has been told that there are a lot of new builds around and that there is plenty of work for him. Like I say we can check all this out when we visit.
      Thanks again

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      Hi Ali,

      These sites are great, but I'm not getting much done still in my Pj's, must pull my self together!!!

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      You cant go wrong for places to eat & drink if you take a trip to Main St' Mornington.
      Boyz4Brekie do a fantastic omlette and Kirks do a decent lunch with fantastic views of the bay!!

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      Cheers for that Lesley, we shall give them a go.
      May need some more advice once we've visited.
      Our house that we are renting goes to auction on Saturday so if it sells might be sooner than we thought...

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      Hi Hayley

      I'd forgotten to say welcome:yes:

      Hattie looks cute..... Airedale???

      We have 3 Bedlingtons - who are nuts and run our house:goofy:

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      Thanks Tyke, she may look cute but it ends there, she is as mad as a hatter like most airedales but of course we love her dearly, she also runs our house and there is no way she is going to become an aussie dog and live outside!!!
      3 Bedlington terriers ah, must keep you busy, little lambs!


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