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      Thanks Tyke, she may look cute but it ends there, she is as mad as a hatter like most airedales but of course we love her dearly, she also runs our house and there is no way she is going to become an aussie dog and live outside!!!
      3 Bedlington terriers ah, must keep you busy, little lambs!
      Tell me about it.........ours love to be inside.Either in front of the fire or trying to sneak onto our bed!!

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      Mark and Jo
      Hi there. I have a collie/kelpie cross who is a nutter!!! We called him Ozzy (original huh!) and got him from the RSPCA! He has tons of energy but is currently flaked out in the sun!

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      I'm looking after a friends kelpie/cattledog cross at the moment who is also a nutter, will chase a ball all day long...
      Lucky Ozzy, haven't seen the sun here for a few days!!!

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      Got a great friend lives on the Mornington Peninsula and every time we go, our first stop is always to get takeaway salt and pepper squid from a place on one of the piers - I think it's called The Baths and it might be in Sorrento - or it might be somewhere else - but it's definitely called The Baths!!! Freshest, best fish I've ever had!

      PS Jo, we also have what may or may not be a border collie/kelpie cross (although we were told she's just a short haired border collie!) - she's four now - if yours is older, when do they start to calm down????? Apparently giving a ball to a kelpie is like giving red cordial to a kid - which would expalin why ours is ball-obsessed (and NO, she doesn't get that from me ;-))
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      Hi Diane

      Thanks, my husband loves fish. Here in batemans bay they are really big on oysters which I'm sorry to say "but never in a million years", Ryan tried one and nearly gagged!!!

      As for your dog, I'm afraid this one I'm looking after is about 5 and is just crazey, sorry!

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      Hi Hayley
      Mornington Peninsula is gorgeous and you will love it down there.
      In regards to kelpies and heelers they both have high prey drive and unfortunately never calm down, they are best suited to a working life, or maybe agility. If you do decide to move down this way, you have the massive show ground at the KCC Park in Skye this is home of Dogs Victoria (like the UK Kennel Club) it is a superb site http://www.vca.org.au/Content.asp?ID=177

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      Hi Moving to Melbourne,

      Great site thanks.
      Do you get paralysis tics down your way? Were we live is quite bush with kangaroos in our front garden and Hattie has had 2 paralysis ticks, the last one made her really poorly and she is frontlined every 2 weeks.

      Thanks Hayley
      ps not sure on the spelling!!


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