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      Cool Hi, can anyone help,we are so confused

      My partner and I, and our three children are looking to move abroad in 3 years when my youngest daughter has left school. We have dreamed of this for many years but as now the time is getting closer to be making real decisions we are finding it more and more difficult to make the decision on where to move to let alone gather any in depth info.

      We had our hearts set on Greece, ideally Corfu, but then on other forums we were told that this is not a a realistic option as we will need to work to live when we move and in Greece in the winter months there is very very limited work and it usually goes to the locals, so now this leaves us wondering how many other places it is actually realistic to be able to work all year long and earn enough to live on, we dont want to earn our fortune, we just want to pay bills and live.

      We will be selling our property in the uk when we make the move and renting for at least a year when we relocate, so we will have some money behind us but dont want to have to live on that money if that makes sense?

      My Partner works warehousing/forklift driving, he is also a qualified hypnotheropist and has worked many years on building sites in the past.
      I have experience in hotel work, both room attendent and front of house reception, my eldest daughter, now 22, has had a few years waitressing and bar work experience and also 2 years working in residential home for the elderly. My other 2 daughters will need to carry on with there education college/uni as they will be 18 and 16 when we move

      We was thinking of Greece but are open to suggestions of anywhere in Europe/info of how to do the relevant homework to make sure we can gather the facts etc

      Suggestions advice appreciated greatly, we feel like a dog chasing its tail at the moment

      Thank you in advance

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      Hey there Hootsy, and welcome to Britsabroad.

      I'm hopeful that some of our Euro residing members will be able to pass their thoughts and advice on to you. :)

      All the best