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    Thread: Hi everyone!

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      Andrew G

      Wink Hi everyone!

      My family and I are planning on living in Calgary, Alberta if and when my PR visa application is approved. I know it will be a while yet as only just commenced the application.

      Would be good to talk to anyone else who has moved out to Canada/Calgary for advice, thoughts and what to expect!

      Currently live in Bowerhill near Melksham is Wiltshire UK, for anyone never heard of it we are 12 miles east of the Roman City of Bath.

      We have a pretty comfortable life here, but want to give our children a better life than I think the UK will be able to offer in years to come.

      Kay (The Wife) and I got married in Banff in 2000 and have loved Canada ever since. We are all over in Banff again in January '09 for a holiday, so we are going to go into Calgary to have a look round the different communities to give us an idea of where we may want to settle.

      Anyway that was a bit of a ramble!

      Look forward to talking to you all!


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      Andrew G
      Hi Sheena,

      Thanks for the welcome, i'm sure as time goes by I will get to talk to you more.

      Take care,


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      Andy Chapman
      Welcome to Brits-Abroad Andrew. Sorry can't help you out with your Canadian questions as we are on the UK's South Coast with no plans on going anywhere for a long time.

      Enjoy the Forum


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      Hi Andrew, welcome on board. Im pretty new myself here but these guys are very friendly, welcoming and interesting to chat to, so dive on in.