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      Hi from an ex expat

      Hi everyone.

      I'm an ex expat, just returned from 9 years in Taiwan and 1 year traveling by bike. As I'm sure many of you can imagine, I'm experiencing a little reverse culture shock, alienation, dislocation etc.

      After 9 years of EFL, I'm back in England with no clear career path, trying to work out what's what before my wife follows me in January. Being Taiwanese, she'll be in a worse position than me.

      They say use what you've got. Some people have said nice things about my writing, and ex expat certainly seems to be a phenomenon with lots of shared experiences so I'm writing a blog The Journal of a Recovering Taiwanoholic http://toby-the-ex-ex-pat.blogspot.com/ . Hopefully it will provide a little therapy (perhaps to others in my position too), allow me to develop a skill and perhaps a springboard for greater things.

      Obviously, I'm after hits, but not charity. If you think it might interest you, take a look. Hopefully it's good enough to bring you back. It's received good reviews on forumosa.com , the Taiwan expats site.

      While this is blatant self publicity, I've joined up and I'll stick around - particularly on any ex expat discussions.

      Toby the ex expat.

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      Hi Toby
      Welcome to the forum, I'm sure we don't mind a little self publicity as long as you stick around and post