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    Thread: Hi I'm Christie

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      Christie Joesbury

      Hi I'm Christie

      I'm 18. I'm from Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. I've been living in Florida for 5 years and I only just found out about this site. I kind of wanted to come on because I don't know many British people who live in America too. I go back to visit England a lot but I'm very Americanized, but I still feel English. Americans always seem to be able to tell I'm British just from my voice. But most British people I meet in America can't tell. Its strange. I read an article in class about how immigrants never live fully in one culture but become a merger of the two cultures, which is kind of where I fit.

      I'm also studying abroad in Germany soon, and it'll be strange being in a different country for the first time since moving to the US. I won't be completely British but I won't be completely American. I'm sure it'll be fun though.

      I just wanted to say hi and meet more people on here.

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      Hi Christie, and welcome to Britsabroad.

      Always nice to have a fellow Brit Florida dweller on here. There's literally thousands of us Brits here in FL, you just have to know where to look for them ;)

      Feel free to chip in on the boards whenever you like!

      cheers for now, :)


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      Welcome to the life of an expat.
      I'm sure you'll love Germany, its a beautiful and diverse country and the people although come across as quite direct are very friendly. When i was there I met loads of American and English in and arround the garrison towns (US and UK army bases). Its also a great base for exploring Europe.
      it happens a lot everywhere in the world...

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      Hi Christie
      Welcome to Brits Abroad, it sounds like you have had a great life exploring. When are you off to Germany?