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      ronald berry

      Question Hi from melbourne

      lived here since 1964 retired but still plodding on,born in wigan,lived in
      whelley. like to say hello to anyone .

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      Andy Chapman
      Welcome to Brits-abroad Ronald, hope you like it here
      and yes you will meet your future friends on this Forum.


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      ronald berry
      Hi Sheena, Been back to UK 4 times since retiring in 2000. could not live there had to go to see mum and a couple of weddings- next time probably babies. Would rather holiday in Asia - love Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia- most places with sunshine and warm sea for
      swimming in. This year on Uk trip did Paris on Eurostar and Menorca - loved it but it was very cold and very very wet. Try to fit in Gold Coast and Cairns now and again
      Ronald did sailing courses on Windermere (he was a youth leader then) in the late 60s loved it. The Lake District is Astounding regards Ronald

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      ronald berry
      Hi Andy,been to Chichester but not boxgrove - was in the 60 though so donot remember too much about it, been in Melbourne since 64. regards Ronald