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      Angry hi newe to this site and needg help and knowledge to move to florida area

      hi guys im looking to move to florida area not sure were to start, i am moving with girlfriend and 3 kids 18, 17. and 13 for a new start in life together, would like to now the best areas and places that would be ideal to live and pros and cons to the areas, is it better to rent first than buy and what are best web sites to find rental property with out being ripped of as an expat, what is the best way to get visas for everyone and what one do i need apply for for perminant residance, i my self work in the oil industry and work world wide so i will not require to find a job there but my partner will but this is not important as i support any ways. trying to start to find out info to make our move, but would like to make to it easier, so if any of you that have already made the move i would appreitiate if you could pass on any relavant info please.

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      Andy Chapman
      Hi and welcome to B-A

      If you go through the Brits in America threads you
      should pick up some information there. Good Luck