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      Hi <--- nice & original title lol


      I'm born & bred in Saafend, Essex & recently moved to London.

      Around the time my wife got pregnant, we decided (for various reasons) to start working towards emmigrating & I'm really on this site to get more info & tips/advice on the best way to go about it.

      I've got family who are/have been living in the middle east (dad is currently in Saudi) so the GCC is where we're looking to move to.

      Hope to get involved in a few discussion & learn from you guys :)

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      Hello & Welcome! (made me smile trying to say Saafend in my Scottish accent! lol)

      Good luck in your search.. there are various threads around.. get readin' ...and asking!

      ~ Hope

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      Hi there Razam, and welcome to Britsabroad :)

      Hopefully you'll be able to get some information from our knowledgeable members, and through some of the past messages in the forum threads.

      All the best to to you with your venture!

      Hope - it's good to see you posting again! :)