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    Thread: Hi - and a question about US school admissions

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      Hi - and a question about US school admissions

      Hi all - just looking at a job opportunity in the US (New Jersey) and I'm struggling to get a clear answer about what school years / grades our kids would be joining if they enrolled in September 2011. J will be 10 (nearly 11 as his birthday is October) and M will be 7. I think this means J will be Grade 6 and M will be Grade 3 ... anyone know for sure!?

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      Hi Des
      Welcome to the forum.
      As far as I understood it, they would go into 2nd Grade and 5th Grade. (see table below). I was under the impression that cut off date, age wise is 01st October, so if J had turned 11 before 1st October this year, then he would be in 6th Grade.
      Probably best to fire off a quick email to the NJ Dept of EDU or one of the county offices though, to get a definitive answer.

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      Thank you so much Rob ... just what we needed! How the hell people tried to work this stuff out before the internet is beyond me!!