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    Thread: Hi from Tassie

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      Hi from Tassie

      Hi all. New on this site. Looks like I'll be coming back a fair bit. I came to Oz in 1951 on my own at 16 years of age. Worked on sheep stations for a couple of years then joined the Australian Army, went all over the place with them, got out after 15 years and went into security, after putting up with some of the as----les I was looking after, came down here to Tasmania, been here ever since. In UK I lived near the Tamar River, which has an unusual bridge over it, here in Tassie I live on the Tamar River which has an unusual bridge over it.!!!! Exeter is just 20 klicks away, and 50 klicks to Launceston. Apparently Tassie was settled by a lot of people from the west country. That will do about me, don't want to write a bloody novel.

      Mick :twitcy:

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      Hi Sheena, thanks for the welcome. Yes I'm happy in Tassie, I'm a slave to a Burmese cat.!!! Just me and him, as yet we haven't really worked out who is the boss.