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      hi there

      hi all new to this site i have been in canada since april wife and kids seem to be happy here but i yern to go home to scotland but said i would give it year so will see what happens hope it work out for everyone who is here or looking to come in the near future

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      Hi what part of Canada are you? If you dont mind me asking. Its just that we are hoping to go to BC in canada. Oh is in the construction industry we have a friend out there and he tells us there is loads of work in this industry. It is just I have read your thread about not being able to get jobs so I was wondering what part of Canada you are.

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      Liz H

      Liz H

      I am very new at this, so if I mess up please forgive me. I am also new at using a computer, so I have lots of "tech " problems. Like many others I had many reservations about coming here. There have been many times when I was 'home-sick ' and wondered if I had made a mistake . However, I have been here for 51 years ; sometimes I still wonder, but I have had a good life here and really no regrets.
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      hi sheena how long have you been in oz and what made you move there

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      Liz H

      Going back ?

      Hi Sheena, As to going back , too late at my age I think; though I have thought about it. I left in 1957 , aged 23. I am told that things have changed vastly since then. I do have family there though, none left here,. Have visited from time to time , liked it, but it may be nostalgia. Can anyone give me advice about returning. ? Are there any reasons why I would find it difficult?

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      Liz H

      Returning to UK

      Sheena, thanks for your thoughts. That is what I have been told by many people, but there are probably too many complications for me to return. Though in good health now , who knows what is down the line. Interested to see you are from Brisbane. I had a Great aunt from the Windsor area who wanted to 'adopt ' me, when I was in College, but I was young and wanted to live my own life. Maybe I made a huge mistake, such is hindsight.

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      Hi There.

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      Liz H

      for thearmchairdetective

      Hi to you too.
      In which part of the UK are you?

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      Liz H

      In Canada

      Thanks for asking Sheena, we have had two glorious days, not too hot, but the wind is getting cooler.I could take this weather all year round, BUT, last night got up at 2 a.m. to put a blanket on the bed -- outside temperature 6C , daytime temp. 19 - 23. Sadly, Autumn ( Fall ) , is on its way. Still, do not need to put on the Central Heating , yet! Spent a large part of my day putting 'sealant ' on my driveway, hopefully, to ameliorate the ravages of the forthcoming winter i.e. to prevent any cracking of the ashphalt.Here, we can expect , in Winter, temps. anywhere from -20 to the minus 30's. I can handle the cold , at least I can still go out and walk, but, when there is snow and ice, that is a different matter. Let Autumn last for a long time !!!!!

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      yes you pozzie and loving it. you are a lovely welcoming person on this site, and make us really want to return and chat. MelX


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