I am envied for my lifestyle by most (of my new friends) when I answer the question:

What do you do for a living?

Usually my answer is, I travel and have fun for a living!

After seeing a lot of Kermit on Sesame Street, travel Mat was one of my favorite
character in Jim Henson Muppet's show!

My current lifestyle is not for everyone but it works for me and I always have
new girlfriends.

It has been and still is fun, interesting and much better life than I had imagined.

I usually find cheap one way tickets like repositioning cruises or last minute deals.
Then if I like (where I end up) I stay until I get tired of the place. I only stay in
hotels when it’s included in the last minute deal otherwise I search for apartment
or cheap accommodation before I arrive.

The most important key to happiness in travel I found is to travel light. Not to take
anything more than I need and it’s best if I can carry everything in a small packsack.

If I don't like it where ever I am I go somewhere else. Most of the time I go to
non-touristic places, it is almost always cheaper and I learn many new things and
meet a lot of interesting people, often I met expats from all over the world who,
like me just took off to try something new.

I make a nice income from my online businesses or Portable Trades that allow me
to go where ever I want to go and stay only as long as it feels right.

Many times I get a "job" by helping out in exchange for free food or place to stay,
I make all kind of deals or other things that adds to my income and supports my
lifestyle. This way I don't need to spend too much of my own funds and I learn
much faster about locals and what their live is like.

I learned this trick from a book called Portable Trades and Opportunities PTO 20-20.

A few years ago I came across something that they call a PT lifestyle.

By definition PT stand for Perpetual Traveler. By studying the material I become a
friend with one guy who online calls himself "Grandpa." He has been living this
lifestyle for some 50 years and is the author of some free download books about
freedom, asset and privacy protection.

There are no other books I have found that explain the PT lifestyle like his books.

Lately I have found a lot of people who live the PT lifestyle -- that is they only live
or work in a place as long as they find it agreeable. Many English speaking people I
have met in romantic getaway places like Thailand or the Philippines are what I would
call PTs but they don't even know they are PTs. I myself didn't until after I got my
hands on an old book "PT" written about 1985 about this PT lifestyle. Sometimes it is
called "Sovereign Individual" or "Fiscal Nomad" .

PTs often have a legal residence in a "Tax Haven" like Campione (Italy), or if rich, in Monaco or Bermuda.

There are many people I meet who want to do new things but either don't know where
to start or whom to turn to for advice or simply get cold feet when the time comes to
take the first step.

I have been asked so many times how I make a living and travel, as I have explained it
about 1000 times I come up with the idea to put up a website for his books and reports
for those who are "lost" or want to take the first steps into this PT new world to meet
new people and see new things.

There are my two favorite books I would recommend for anyone who like to travel, earn
money while abroad and/or just find freedom in an unfree world by moving to new places
whenever life gets "difficult."

If you have any questions I will do my best to answer.