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      I've lurked long enough!!!

      I've decided to get nostalgic and come to the site that reminds me of PIO all those years ago, when things were quiet and sedate, a bit like myself.

      I know most of you but you may not recognise my user name i've decided I need a change and a new image

      Hope this site keeps quiet....please :wub:

    2. Moneycorp - Commercial foreign exchange since 1979
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      Hi Chelle....a clue.... mmmmm........let me think.....

      Hi Jayne...don't think I have spoken to you on PIO but thanks for the welcome.

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      Ok its....... sorry phone ringing got to go

      speak soon

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      Hi Doris you have me intrigued !
      Welcome to britsabroad!

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      Cal will become famous soon enough
      come on doris we are all waiting ,,your not earslwood in disguise are you,lol
      Cal x

      Remember the road to success is always under construction...

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      Mark and Jo
      Who Are You?!?!?!??!

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      Mark and Jo
      I Wanna Know!!!!!!!!!!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Cal View Post
      come on doris we are all waiting ,,your not earslwood in disguise are you,lol
      Cal x
      No definaitely not earlswood

      Jo...yes we have spoken on chat and just recently by pm.

      Been a member for 2 years now.

      If I say who I am there may be a massive groan and you all run away and hide I can't risk that

      I'm shy :wub:

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      Mark and Jo
      Promise.......no running away?

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      Mark and Jo
      Quote Originally Posted by Jojo View Post
      Oooh I know I know :)
      Hello you!!! You are so not SHY!!!
      Jo x
      Come on Jo...spill it!!!!!!!!! DO i know them?


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