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    Thread: Just wondering?

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      Just wondering?

      HI, I'm new and totaly bewildered! Me, the wife and 2 kids are still here in the uk, but have seriously started looking at the posibility of moving over to Queensland. Has anybody got the time to help with some answers?
      We are looking to move to the Hervey bay area and are looking for ex pats living in that sort of locality. I currently work as an electrical/mechanical maintenance technician on plastics processing kit and my Wife is an NHS Healthcare Assistant. What is the job situation like?

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      Cheers for that, I'm going to have a look on the jobs web in a bit, Ive found an entry about living costs from a guy over in Rockingham (West), do prices vary much from one side to the other? & what sort of prices do you pay for cars?

      Cheers, Doey

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      Andy Chapman
      Good ole Sheens always coming up with an answer.

      God bless you, your one in a million just hope your husband knows that.

      Andy X
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