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      Sandra Hatfield

      Question Living in Shanghai

      Have been living in Shanghai for last four months and wanting to meet up with ladies groups during the day but struggling to find any. Are there any other Brits out there who don't work and want to meet up, drink coffee, explore etc.

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      Welcome welcome. Afraid I'm further down the road in Thailand.

      You could try http://personals.shanghaiexpat.com/p...6775.wfn-web-5 must be some groups on there I would've thought.
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      Andy Chapman
      Good link that, well done Skink.

      And welcome to the forum Sandra

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      monica rodger
      try this web site for brit abroad in Shanghai, they have many events and coffee mornings that may intrest you. www.BritsAbroadShanghai.com

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      There are dozens of us. Come along to the next coffee morning at O'Malleys next tuesday at 10am.

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      Andy Chapman
      Thanks Nuthatch and a big welcome to the B-A Forum.

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      Thinking help!!!

      hi i wonder if anyone can help.i am currently living in the uk but my partner is living and working in shanghai.after christmas myself and my 9year old daughter are planning to move to be with him.i am desperatly trying to find schools,my partner is self employed for his company so we dont get help with fees.can anyone give any advice?it would be hugely appreciated.

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      I don't have children here but I understand that the International Schools are very expensive. Can your husband negotiate help with the fees? Otherwise you could think about putting your child in a local school with a section for foreigners. Suggest you look at www.shfamily.com and www.shanghaiexpat.com Where are you going to be living?

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      thankyou l'll go have a look at those sites.my partners company wont budge on the fees.i will be living in pudong near the shanghai world financial centre.do you know what this area is like?my partner likes it but i imagine it will be different for me

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      I would think it would be quite a good place to live with a child. Expat families tend to live in Pudong while the childless live west of the river. Shanghai will probably be like no place you have lived before and can be challenging at first. However, it has got a lot easier and the range of products available has increased enormously just in the few years I have been here. Make sure you join the expat groups such as the Shanghai Expat Association and the British Group. Don't be shy about asking for advice. We have all been there.


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