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      thankyou so much that means a lot,i'm sure i'll take you up on that and be asking lots more.its something i've always wanted to do but having a child just makes any descion a million times harder.thankyou again

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      Maggie Bevis

      Hello, I have been in Shanghai for just 2 weeks now, having taken early retirement in order to join my husband here in Pudong, Shanghai. I am hoping to meet up with one or two like minded ladies who would like some company. Nothing onerous, perhaps shopping, an occasional lunch, share an interest perhaps, walking, sightseeing etc., It would be lovely to meet up with someone who just might share my sense of humour, opinions, likes, dislikes etc., and someone to help fill the gap of leaving my friends and family in the UK. Is there anyone living within reach of Yanlord Town, Pudong, who would be interested in meeting up?

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      Hi Maggie, and welcome to Britsabroad :)

      Hopefully you'll enjoy our forum here, and make some new friends. It would be nice to think that someone will respond although I'm not sure how many members we have in the area you mention.

      All the best to you.

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      Maggie Bevis
      Hello, thanks for your message. No luck so far but will keep hoping. Trying to find my way around the website and where and when expats meet up; you'll have gathered i'm very new to this game!

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      Maggie Bevis
      Hi Sandra - I'd love to meet up if you are still interested in finding someone to spend time with for coffee, trips etc., I've been here a month so very much want some female company during the daytime. Hope to hear back from you. Maggie

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      Hi Maggie welcome to the forum, can I ask what Shanghai is like to live in?
      K x

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      Maggie Bevis
      Hi Ktee - that's a big question. First impressions are that it's big, very noisy and initially quite hard work. Settling in has been a bit of a challenge. My husband came here last December, but I only arrived here on 21st April. The air quality is as poor as I had been warned it would be, if not worse, which is a shame. Finding my way around on the Metro underground has been surprisingly easy, it's so efficient, the biggest challenge is learning which entrance/exit to use! During the day, Shanghai is just like any other city, more tall buildings than you can count and more hotels, shop, restaurants, coffee shops than you can possibly imagine - how they all ever manage to survive I'll never know, especially as more seem to be opening on a daily basis. Construction sites are seemingly everywhere. One major project now underway is what will be the tallest building in the world (yes, another one), Taiwan having the current record holder I think. This one will be 121 storeys tall, with completion due 2014. The Financial district in Pudong has some spectacular buildings; the current tallest building standing at a mere 101 storeys, it's a stunning piece of architecture, with a large 'hole' in the top known as the skywalk with a glass floor and a retractable roof. I haven't been to the top yet as I don't have a head for heights so I need to prepare myself! Once dark Shanghai puts on a great light show with all the major buildings lit up - really great to view from across the river in old Shanghai standing on the bund, amazing. The light show ends around 10 pm with the apparent agreement being the lights should then be turned off, but there appears to be a bit of flexibility with the timing. It's a very expensive place to live though and prices are noticeably rising and very quickly too. Many expats are here with a company package so don't have to worry about the expense of the cost of renting their homes and are provided with a car plus driver and home-help and quite a few companies seem to include school fees too if they bring their children. We aren't here on a package so are very aware of how much it costs. It's a city of extremes, what city isn't and not everything is pleasant. So it's quite a big challenge but also an experience we felt we had to try and we plan to make the most of our time and try to see other places in China when we can and time permitting. Maggie x
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      Hi Maggie and welcome. I'm probably travelling out to Shanghai in a few months time but only for a short visit. I might pick your brains for one or two bits of info before I travel out there.


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