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      Idea Living in southern Italy


      We moved to Italy in 2007 and now live in Rivello, Basilicata, which is two hours south of Naples.

      We breed alpacas for people all over Europe and here in Italy the business is just starting up.

      We love the coastline here and there are lots of opportunities for swimming and snorkling.In Winter we can ski so there's something to do all year round. However it is a quiet tranquil life here and we are getting to know the locals using our (poor) Italisn. But we have been welcomed by everyone. I thin mostly they just want an opportunity to look at the alpacas - they've never seen them before!

      Would love to know of anyone else living in the South.

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      to Hilary

      Hi Hilary, I placed a query about S. Italy on retiring abroad. I can find very little first-hand info on the place. I just live on a small pension and cannot afford to live in an english-speaking country any more. Perhaps S. Italy is a possibility??? If one can live frugally (Carefully), is it doable? How does the cost of living compare with the UK for example? Many thanks Hilary- Clepington