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      Looking for advice.........................

      Hi My name is Michele. I haven't relocated but I'm desperate for some help/advice for my mum who retired to Spain 4 years ago - Benicarlo area. In August this year my mums son (my older brother) took his own life. It has been such a difficult 2 months for us and my mum returned to spain 4 weeks ago. Understandably my mum is struggling dealing with the loss of her son and I'm becoming increasingly concerned. She feels very alone and isolated even though she has my dad there and friends. Anti depressants have been prescribed for her but she needs someone to talk to. I have search for counselling and bereavement services in spain but not doing to well. Has anyone any information/help/advice on this as I really want to help my mum, but feel useless because I'm so far away. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Michele x

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      Hi Michele, and Welcome to Britsabroad.

      I don't know you but I am sorry to hear of your loss, that's very sad.
      Suicide is always hard for the people that are left behind to understand, and to come to terms with.

      I did a brief search on Google for bereavement services in the Benicarlo area , but found nothing much listed. I did find various publications that deal with the subject and suicide specifically, but I'm sre you've probably already been down that route.

      Hopefully your Dad can give her support, and her friends will rally round. I know how it is when you're away from family and can only "help" from a distance. Such are the problems of us that live overseas and the family that we miss and can't support in the way we would like to be able to sometimes. It may be that you are more worried than usual about your Mum, because you can't physically be there for her at the time you feel she needs you most, and that's a natural way to feel, believe me.

      I would like to think that maybe one or two of our Spanish residents might be able to come up with something more useful for you.

      Regards, and all the very best to you

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