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    Thread: My First Time

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      My First Time

      Hey, thought I'd give this site a try. Am researching options for permanent residency in US. Am going for a short visit (2-4 weeks) next month to manually slip resumes across 3 states with a view to settling there. Have already something being put in place that may help.
      Would welcome any advice and tips.
      Thanks in advance

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      Hi G and welcome!

      Sounds like a good plan to visit and network - it's pretty much what we did and it got us here! If you get an offer from an employer that hasn't done an overseas visa application make them aware of the deadline and that it is nowhere near as easy as bringing someone in from Canada. On the day of the deadline for the application they usually receive more than enough applications and they close the process so if you don't submit on the first day you have to wait another year! Even the big employers can be unaware of their own immigration process!

      Good luck with what you've got lined up!
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      Andy Chapman
      Hi and welcome to Brits Abroad.

      Good advice there by our lady Traveller, thanks.