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      Mrs Lobley

      New to BritsAbroad

      Hi all,
      I just found this site and think it will become invaluable!! Husband and I will be moving to California in a couple of months and hope we'll be able to pick your brains

      Does anyone know Orange County well? We need to find somewhere to rent for a year until we figure out where we want to buy.. Ideally would want cheap rent - great area... Does that exist anywhere...?

      Any pointers gratefully received!!

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      Hi, Can help you on the old orange country route, however just thought I would say welcome to BritsAbroad!


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      hi welcome to brits abroad, hope you find the answers you need.
      Cal x

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      Andy Chapman
      Welcome to Brits-Abroad.
      Traveller lives in California maybe he'll
      be along later and help you out.

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      Mrs Lobley
      Thanks guys - appreciate!! I'll keep my eye out for Traveller!!

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      Okay so I replied to the other post first - it's New Year's Day and we had a very, very late night! They know how to throw a good party here!

      And Andy, I'm definitely female!!

      We drove through some of Orange County a couple of years ago when visiting an attorney down there but I don't really know anything much about the different areas - we're up in Marin County just north of San Francisco and it's cat heaven up here - we get mountain lions here amongst other wildlife!!

      You are absolutely right to rent for a year first although you might want to commit to a 6 month period in case you pick a not-so-great area. We took a gamble but it's so beautiful here we figured we couldn't go wrong. Craigslist was the site we used for our rental property


      We went through a property management agency to start with but we now rent directly from the owners and will only be moving 'cos we've fallen in love with one of the little coastal towns.

      If you're moving in a couple of months you should be in full panick mode by now but I think it's worth it - California is beautiful, people are generally friendly and the Pacific coastline is spectacular so I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

      Feel free to message me with as many questions as you want and I'll do my best to answer them!

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      Mrs Lobley
      Thanks!! I just had a look at Craigslist and think that will be really helpful.. Although I am still trying to understand the State / County thing!! I'm looking at Corona at the moment - is it Orange County? Is it Los Angeles? San Bernardino...? Hehe, I guess a geography lesson wouldn't go amiss!!
      Panic mode? We only found out last week that we're moving!! I have SO much to do!! At least Company will be sponsoring us - going guarantor on house / car etc. so that should make things easier..
      Anyhow, once I am a little more organised, I'll be harassing you!!
      Thanks & Happy New Year!

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      Andy Chapman


      [quote And Andy, I'm definitely female!! quote]

      Sorry Mrs Traveller, i'll slap my wrist for you and
      promise not to forget your a Female again lol.

      Happy New Year to you both.


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      Hi there
      Sound like an exciting move. Renting is probably a good short term option. If you are looking to buy eventually when you have found your feet, there are fabulous deals to be had right now. I can link you up with an expat Real Estate agent who will be able to help orientate you to the areas and steer you through the processs. Let me know if you would like the connection.
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      Mrs Lobley
      Thanks for the advise. If you could let me have your Real Estate contact, that would be great..

      My brother immigrated to Denver 8 years ago and is a member of the British American Business Council there. They have given me some good contacts, but I do like to keep my options open!! It is such a minefield and it's so helpful to have expat contacts in California to help ease the transition!! I didn’t initially realise how different things were from State to State!