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      Thinking New to the group

      Hi everyone,i'm new to the group so thought i would come say hello to you all and get some advice.i'm living in Alberta,Canada and wanting to try living in England for a year or more and very possibly would like to move there permanently.has anyone here done this or is wanting to ? if anyone here could give me some advice on what to do and how to begin this process i would very much appreciate any help.if i can be of any help to anyone please feel free to ask or if anyone just wants to chat i love meeting new people and making friends.

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      Happy Hello

      Hi What part of England is it you want to live in and from someone who is trying to move out to florida/or Canada why?How long have you lived in Canada and what part would be a good start,me, my partner and 3 children all age 6 we live in Cheshire, and are planning to move out to Florida but after alot of research its looking harder than i thought but still i will give it my best shot, my evaluation sheet will be getting sent off next week when its completed,if i canrt get into usa i may look at Canada my partner is a mechanic and myself a garment tech hopfully this will help.I can not see it being a problem you coming over but i carnt really give you any real advice,sorry!it was nice hearing from you let us know how you get on with your research im sure you will get here good luck.Maybe we could do a swap!! only kidding.Jacque
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      Hi there,well I have just returned from spending 2 months in Rochester,Kent so likely that area as i'm somewhat familiar with it now and feel right at home there but wanting to go back by spring and visit some other places,then see how i feel once i go back.i got that question a lot when i was in the Uk,they all are just fascinated with visiting Canada/US.well i've lived here all my life and i just hate the winter months,it will start turning cold in the next 2,3 weeks and it can stay cold(2C to -45C)and snowy from oct to end of april,had enough of it.i'm just wanting a fresh start somewhere new without snow and freezing temps! my only other option is Vancouver ,my brother lives there so i`m going to visit this fall and see how that goes.BC is the only place that doesn't get harsh winters but it is very expensive,it has the highest property/rental rates in Canada.well i can't give much advice on the rest of Canada but Alberta has lots of opportunities ,good communities to raise a family and for a mechanic this would be a good place to find work,theres work in the oilfields ,auto body shops etc.could you explain more about both of your jobs...what are your qualifications,what do you/can you do with your line of work,where do you/have you worked,just to get an idea of where you would want to work at or would have a good chance at getting a job with your qualifications.that`s ok no worries,i`m sure i`ll find some help :) it was really nice to hear from you as well and feel free to ask me anything and i`ll try my best to help you out.Thank you and Good Luck to you! hehe i actually have seen web sites for that,where people trade homes in different cities/countrys for a period of time,can`t really imagine letting strangers into my home though eh! :) Cathy
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