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      Pete McC

      New Member moving to USA - Visa advice?

      Hello to everyone. We (myself and my wife and 14 y o lad) are moving to the USA in the near future. We've found the whole visa process traumatic to say the least. Are there any members who have already made the mve from the Uk to the USA in the recent past who may want to share some of their experiences?

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      Pete McC
      Thanks for your reply Sheena. Obviously you'll know about the Cumbrian plan to take over the world...just as soon as we can lowp ower t'Atlantic eh!

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      Pete McC
      Aye, we're poppin up "aw't'spot ower"

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      Pete McC
      Well we're about to jump ship to Whitefish, Montana. We've met a couple of Scots there, but no Cumbrians as yet. What time is it in Brisbane? It's Just after noon here in Burgh-by-Sands.

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      Pete McC
      We have a lot of friends living in Northwest Montana, having been their on holiday several times recently. We love the skiing and outdoor pursuits that are right on the doorstep and we also figured it would afford better opportunities for our 14 y o lad than here in the UK. We have agreed to purchase a business and are in the process of applying for our investor status visa, but despite being previously advised to the contrary, need to obtain a student visa for out son. Essentially, that's not a problem, however the school that he is familiar with and has friends at, is not on the government's approved list for international students. We are wondering whether he'll be able to transfer schools once we're actually in the US. That's why I was wondering if there might be anyone else on this forum who may have had similar experiences.