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      new in singapore

      hi all just arrived last week in singapore,worked full time in uk,but will not be in sing so feeling a bit lost ay ideas of how to get invoved in life in sing,meet new pals carol.

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      Andy Chapman
      Welcome to B A Carol, as Sheena says this is a brilliant means of communication
      so when-ever you need to Chat just log-in OK.

      Nice to have you here, i'm sure Mrs Doz will be along later to welcome you as well

      Have Fun. If your into games then sign on to my part owned Gaming Forum below


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      Yes, Mrs Doz signing in here
      Hi Carol, welcome to BA. I understand how you feel, its difficult at first but dont worry, you have only been there a week. Give yourself time, relax and enjoy some free time, get out and about and soon people will start to recognise your face and get chatting.

      Ask around where the local expats go for coffee/beer/glass of wine, thats usually a good place to meet others or is there a fitness centre nearby you could join.

      Tell me, how is the shoppping in Singapore, i hear its rather good :yes: