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      Cool New to this Site

      Hi All

      I am joining the long line of Brits who have become disillusioned with life in the UK, and I am looking to start a new life in New Zealand with my family. I am in the earlier stages of this process and in all honestly I am finding it all a little frightening I have a good job in the UK working for local government as a regeneration programmes manager, delivering building construction, housing development and community development projects. My husband is an aluminium fabricator fitter manufacturing shop fronts and also UPVC windows and doors and my main fear is us not been able to find work in New Zealand.

      I keep getting mixed messages on the standard of living in New Zealand some stating the wages are low and the cost of living is much the same as the UK, property prices are high and building construction standards low this is mainly from family members and friends who donít want us to go. I am still very strongly drawn towards New Zealand as a new home for my family and would love to hear from ex-pats who have made this move and can help give some unbiased advice on employment, housing and the cost and standard of living and the weather in New Zealand.

      Thanks Jan

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      Welcome Jan,
      Yes, its a scarey time isnt it deciding whether to go or stay so i feel for you right now i really do.
      I cant help you with New Zealand but im sure others here will have some good info and advice for you.

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      Andy Chapman
      Welcome to Brits-Abroad Jan, sorry i also can't help with your questions
      but good luck i hope you find the anwsers your looking for very soon so
      you can start the proccess.


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      Thanks Andy for your reply I am pleased I joined the forum now and I am sure you that someone out their will be able to help.

      Quote Originally Posted by Andy Chapman View Post
      Welcome to Brits-Abroad Jan, sorry i also can't help with your questions
      but good luck i hope you find the anwsers your looking for very soon so
      you can start the proccess.


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      Hi Sheena

      Thanks for your help I am on a days leave today so will spend it looking through the sites you sent me.

      You sound as though you are enjoying your new life in Oz did the family you left behind support you with youre move. Most of mine arn't very happy about it and have refused to talk about it or visit us once we make the move. My husband Mel his mam and dad are in their late seventies and are very dependant on us, both of them are supportive of the move although they wont be able to visit us through illness. It's mostly my family my gran and my sister and brother who want us to stay.

      Thanks again

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      Quote Originally Posted by LUNN-J View Post
      Most of mine arn't very happy about it and have refused to talk about it or visit us once we make the move.
      Really sorry to hear that Jan. It's a hard enough process moving to another country, both physically and emotionally, and having the support of family and friends really helps. I couldn't talk about moving with my Mum, not because she didn't support it, but because she found it hard to deal with. I guess your family have their reasons and hopefully they'll come round.

      But it sounds like you're ready to make a change and try something new. As far as New Zealand goes all I know is that once you move there you are unlikely to be able to afford fly home for a visit let alone move back. But having said that the people I know who did go have absolutely no regrets. And family do visit them.

      Can you take a long holiday there before you plan your move? My husband and I travelled around this area in America for a month and were able to decide exactly where to live before we moved and now we're here we know we made the right choice. We met people on holiday that we've kept in touch with whcih helps when you're new to the country.

      If you need a boost to your spirits and encouragement to pursue your move you'll always find it here. :yes:

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      Wink Hello!

      Just 'found' this site tonight!
      Have had a brief look at some of the forums / comments and so far you all seem harmless enough (haha!)

      Despite some of the negative comments I have read on here about living in the US.. I'm still desperate to get there! (Tampa, Fla. to be exact)

      I have looked at the various options and criteria required to obtain a visa, but unfortunately I don't 'fit' into any of them (sigh), unless my boyfriend marries me quick! (he's American)

      I may not be here everyday, but am online rather a LOT.. so look forward to getting to know some of you and sharing experiences too.

      Oh! msg to LUNN-J..
      Do you know there is a NZ Expo on THIS coming weekend in Leeds?!
      Here's the site..
      http://www.expo-newzealand.com/ & Good Luck to you!

      ~ Hope

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      Hi Hope,Sheena is right, there will always be a mix of positives and negatives here but then thats one of the many reasons its such a good forum. It gives us a real insite into how things are around the world.

      I too hope you can find a way to move to your chosen country. Keep checking in here, someone may have some ideas that might help you get there

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      Thanks.. and I'll keep you posted! If anyone does have a flash of inspiration or relevant advice, please tell me!
      Thanks in advance!

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      Wink Travelling to the UK from Newzealand

      Hi Traveller

      You mentioned that it would be unkilely that we would be able to afford to travel back to the UK for a visit let alone move back if things didn't work out, why's that is airfare more expensive from New Zealand than the UK. I know I have been pricing flights from the UK to NewZealand I am probably looking at £ 2k per person and their are three of us which is costly, but the thought of not been able to retun to the UK for a visit is quite scary.

      Is their any expats in New Zealand at the moment who can help me out with this one.:yes:

      Cheers Jan


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