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      Hi Sheena

      I am fine thanks hope you are to. I had a look at the sites you sent really useful many thanks.

      I think the distance is my main concerns, I definitely want to leave the UK and be part of an English speaking community, and New Zealand and Oz were our number one choices, New Zealand probably been the easier option in terms of visas and age restrictions.

      My daughter is 23 and if we went to Oz she would need a seperate application. New Zealand will let me include her on my visa as long as I apply before she is 24.

      Thanks again for all your help and support much appreciated.


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      Hi Jan,

      Sorry to have sneaked that bit of bad news in about the cost of airfare - I think it's as much to do with the change in the level of income when you've settled for a while and I'm sure this is not unique to NZ.

      When we first moved to the US we were very well off 'cos we were still winding down from our UK incomes. Now we've been here a year on US income we're 'poor' when we consider flying back to the UK!

      But we try to budget for airfares in our weekly income and I'm sure you could do the same in NZ - say one week you don't eat out at all and put that money in the kitty! I'm currently averaging about 4 roundtrips a year so it can be done and we eat out all the time!!

      We do things like fly midweek, take very early flights and consider connecting flights as all these things make it cheaper. Basically I'm sure you'll find a way to fly back if it's that important to you but you might find you settle so easily in NZ that the desire to fly back to the UK isn't so strong. And people might still visit you - friends and family that never considered it before are starting to plan trips to see us and we've just had our first couple over.

      Are you going to be able to get your application in in time for your daughter to go as well? When's the deadline or is there no deadline?? Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

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      Hi Traveller

      Its important that I look at all the pros and cons before I make the move and I am pleased you pointed this out I least now I can take it in to consideration and maybe make some provision for it. My daughter is 24 September 2009 so I need to apply at least six months prior I have submitted an expression of interest and if that is successful and I am invited to apply I will complete my application hopefully before christmas. Fingers crossed my daughter doesnt change her mind about coming with us, as she is in a long term relationship and I worry that she may bail out at the last moment.

      Thanks again for your honesty traveller its important that I get as much info as possible from people who have gone through this process and I dont just look at everything through rose coloured glasses.


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      Hi there im new to this site. I'm in Bulgaria and have been for 6 months now, Would like to chat to people who are in Bg as well.

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      Hi Jeanette,

      We considered Bulgaria once. How are you finding it there, i would be interested to hear all about life there

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      Wink Bulgaria

      Hi there, Thanks for your welcome message I didn't even know this site existed I was looking for expat sites for a friend of min when i came across it.
      How do I find Bulgaria? Great lol I live in a sleepy hamlet called Razdel which is in South East Bulgaria, It's within 1hr 30 mins of Burgas airport and has long hot summers and short hard winters, Summers can get up to 42c temp but winters can be -20 but at least they are short.
      We are also close to the Turkish border we have rollig hillsides and wonderful veiws.
      The cost of living is cheap in comparison to most countrys and house prices are fantastic you can buy a house for as little as 8000 although it would need renovated to bring it up to westerner standards.
      We live within 12kms of a large town which is good.
      Healthcare is good although the hospitals are dated but are due to be renovated within the Eu remit.
      I had to give up work due to MS and Hubby has taken early retirement my health has drastically improved since ive been here , I am able to get the mediactions i am on with no problems.
      So life is just really stress free and so peaceful I would recommend anyone to give Bulgaria a try.
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      Wow, sounds wonderful Jeanette.
      Its nice to hear you are happy there and its obviously agreeing with you health wise.
      If you get chance to pop some pics into your photo album here, i would love to see them

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      Jan - this is definitely the place to come when you have a bad day or to have a moan! I mainly say that because I think Sheena's got a Florence Nightingale outfit on and a lamp and fnds any postings that need a boost LOL!!

      Hi Jeanette - Sorry to hear about the MS. I've heard from friends in Bulgaria that the pace of and attitude to life is something like the 1950s without being outdated. They love it there and it sounds like it's going well for you.

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      Since we are talking about homesickness, i have to say i am sufferin from it too. Like you Sheena, its not because i miss the UK, i really dont but i miss my son and the cat who we are still awaiting the arrival of both.
      Also some of you may of picked up on the fact that im not overly fond of it here in Vietnam! Hopefully we will move to Thailand in Feb or March so i have things to look forward to.
      I do feel kind of lonely here, there are not many westerners here which is why i was looking for a expat forum to join.........and look where i found:yes: I have to say being part of this forum has helped me no end, im glad to have found you all:yes:

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      time will soon pass for you, I have not experienced homesickness yet, and hopefully I won't, I do not miss the U.K. miss having my friends, Its difficult here to make friends but it does happen eventually, I have just gone through a very stressful time this past couple of weeks and would dearly have loved to have had one of my friends from home here, I do have family here but sometimes its nice to have someone outside the family to talk too. I am lucky to have some family here or perhaps I would have been homesick.
      Time will pass xmas nearly here then you will be getting ready to move on.


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