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      Sheena and Bluey,
      Thankyou both for your kind words and encouragement, it really does help lots.

      Hopefully the cat will be here Wednesay,yay!
      Sadly, its looking like after Christmas before Jake will get here. He is in the Army and was due to leave in May all ready for us all leaving the UK together but the Army have been dragging their feet and stalling people leaving in the hope they can get them to stay as numbers are at their lowest and nobody seems to want to join up these days!!

      I would not have left the UK so early had i known Jake would have to wait so long before joining us

      Oh well, i have all good things to look forward to:yes:

      Ok, therapy session over for me. Thanks for listening, i do feel better now.

      Hey Sheena, maybe we should have a special little girlie ranting corner somewhere here.....and the boys can rant too if they like!

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      Jakes been in the Army since he left school, he's 20 now.
      He's been a few places but not as many as he'd hoped for. He's been to Canada, Germany, Belgium and somewhere else i cant remember the name of the place right now. He spent several months guarding the Queen at Windsor Castle. He is now based at Thorney Island near Portsmouth.

      Yeah, ok, just a girlie room, i was being polite to the boys. We can go in there and talk about them ha ha.....only joking boys!

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      22 years is a long time! Its nice that he obviously enjoyed it so much.
      Sadly, from what i hear things are not so good being a soldier these days.

      Ive never been to Southampton, im a Derby girl, born and bred


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