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      Ali & H

      New to the site; Hi!

      We are making plans to move to the Canaries, preferably Fuerteventura, hopefully in a couple of years time or sooner if the housing market deems to pick up sooner rather than later!, so would love to chat with people to find out about your experiences of moving from the good ole UK and hopefully making friends along the way.

      At work at the moment so better get on with some!

      Ali (and Howard) Welsby

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      Andy Chapman
      Welcome to our little Forum Ali, hopefully some-one
      will be along soon to give you an answer.

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      Ali & H
      Hi Sheena,

      Lovely to hear from you. We have been to Fueteventura and Lanzarote, but prefere Fueteventura, only been to Corralejo so far but going to go back in June next year and travel around a bit. When did you move to Brisbane? I have been to Sydney, 8 years ago now, it's a great country!

      Hope to have a longer 'chat' with you soon, take care


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      Hi Ali and H,
      We sailed round The Canaries in Feb this year.
      Loved Fueteventura and La Graciosa but really didnt like Lanzarote at all. We found it a bit rough and tacky.
      I think you have made the right choice in picking Fuerteventura