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      Smile Newbie from Spain

      Hi Everyone,
      my name is Ann, this looks such an interesting site where we can communicate with people in so many countries.
      At the moment I live in Andalucia S. Spain with my husband who sells and installs Solar Water Heating, I am soon to be setting up a new Business on the Internet, something I have been learning to do for nearly a year, my husband has a Blog already on Classic Motorbikes, not sure if we are allowed to put links in or not?
      Really interested to hear from anyone in S. Spain, but also anyone who does Internet Marketing as a living, to be my Mentor.
      Wow, sorry to rattle on, have a good day everyone.


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      Hi Ann and welcome to Britsabroad!

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      nice to meet you, what do you do in sunny California?

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      Andy Chapman
      A big welcome from me too Ann. Yes by all means put in a link in your siganature to your hubby's motor bike Forum.

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      Hey Andy nice to meet you, another question on Links, I am starting an Internet Business soon, will it be appropriate to put a Link to the site, obviously not in a Spammy way, in an Article way for example?

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      I'm on an H4 visa so I can't work here yet - my husband's the one on the work visa here. But I do own a BMW K1200R (your husband will probably know what that is! I had a Triumph Thruxton here before the BMW!) so I get a fair bit of time to explore the awesome roads here! I go back to the UK a lot to work - I'm a teacher and sculptor - I've got a website for the sculpting work and the internet is indispensible for me, so I get by!
      My Dad owns a place in Spain - he's got a place near Onil.

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      Hey, my husband says they are big bikes, just the job for the Californian roads, the scenery is similar to where we live in Andalucia, lots of big mountains, send your link would love to see your work. What part of the UK do you go back to, we lived in Cornwall, near Falmouth, I still miss it after 5 years. What part of Spain is Onil?