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    Thread: Newby from Dubai

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      Happy Newby from Dubai

      Hello there,

      I only registered today, so just signing in to say hello to all my fellow brits. Hopefully can meet some of you.

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      Hello there and welcome. How long have you been living in Dubai? Do you like it there?

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      Quote Originally Posted by skink View Post
      Hello there and welcome. How long have you been living in Dubai? Do you like it there?
      hello there,

      Ive been in Dubai for a year now, living here isnt so bad. As I dont work its hard work to keep me amused. I dont miss the cold weather back home, so living here has its perks. Dubai isnt a place where you meet people, its really weird, but i met a few brits. The only things I miss from back home is my family, and a good old curry.

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      Not been to Dubai for a couple of years now. When we were working (now retired) we used to go there regularly. If you're a Brit (I think you may be) you might want to check out the St Andrews Snug Bar at Rydges Plaza. Lovely little pub tucked away right at the back of the hotel, seems totally out of place. If you didn't know it was there, you wouldn't find it. You can also sit outside the pub which is by the poolside. The decor outside was very Mediterranean and it always felt like you were in Europe somewhere... well, until you got the Call for Prayers from outside

      Anyway, what I was leading to in rather a roundabout way, was that they used to do some decent curries there. Also, upstairs used to be a good Chinese restaurant, Four Seasons I think but not sure if it's still there.

      Just googled and found St Andrews is still there. Here's a link....

      St Andrew’s Victorian Snug in Rydges Plaza Dubai, Satwa, Dubai - Restaurant Reviews - TimeOutDubai.com
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      Thats for the info, I will probably go check it out now, the thought of curry makes my mouth water.

      Yes I am british, lived in brimingham most of my life, no have a house in Tamworth.

      So where are you from, and how is retirement life!!!!! god I wish, hahah

      So did you work in Dubai???? alot of people tell me here how its all charged, but its not rocket science is it, hahahaah. I do love it here, some of the landmarks and sights are so lovely and we would never starve here, great food places, no wonder i am on a diet at the moment. lol

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      I'm a Londoner but haven't been back there for quite a while (and don't wish to). We had our own business and used to travel to the Middle East and other places on business. Don't really miss the travelling.

      Retirement - yeh, it's strange. I'm early-retired, wasn't quite planned. Phuket is okay, a great place for a holiday - a little bit quiet for day-to-day living. I think I'm at the stage where I've had a good rest 18 months and now ready to do something or get involved in something. We may move on at some point, maybe sooner rather than later, but not sure we could afford anywhere outside south-east Asia.

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      I dont miss much back home, I have 3 small grandchildren, and miss them terribly, Im going back 1st August for 10 days, bringing my grand daughter whose 5 back with me, so cant wait for that. I must say when I do return bk home, which is quite regular, its so depressing, people are still doing the same old....

      Never been to Thailand and it was always planned till that awful terrible Boxing day, so cant face going there now. I was in Kerala in March, wont be going back there either. Maldives next I think, I just celebrated my 21st anniversary, so maybe next year.

      My brother in Law lives in Stock, do you know it???

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      If you mean Stock in Essex, yes I do (or did I should say). I'll send you a PM save boring the pants off everyone here

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      Quote Originally Posted by dubai66 View Post
      Never been to Thailand and it was always planned till that awful terrible Boxing day, so cant face going there now.
      Well, tsunamis or any natural disasters can happen anywhere. I wouldn't let that put you off going to Thailand. It's a beautiful country and, if we are talking curries :wub: :wub::wub:

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      Skink, I have replied, but not sure if its gone thru, all new to this, so let me know if you received the private message back.


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