Hi all I am new to this forum.
Where to start, moved to turkey nearly 8 years ago with my wife, had been coming to turkey for years and decided we wanted to move abroad
we tried spain but we were 10 years too late, France was making it impossible to work, but turkey had ticked all the boxes so to speak, cheap living
fantastic interest in the bank, so we moved here.

We knew that working was going to be difficult but we loved it so much we wanted to try for citizenship, so followed the criteria to the letter studied Turkish,paid for Turkish lessons, and then applied for citizenship after the 6 year rule of being here.
We were turned down flat, no job she said? I said its illegal to work here without a permit, so you have land or a property, no I said we had just in fact sold our apartment, well you will never get citizenship you show no commitment to the country. So angry and frustrated after 6 years they changed the rules yet again so now we have had enough were outta here