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      Tax code entered on shipping form from USA to UK

      Hi, I am a US / UK citizen who has just moved from The US to Britain. We shipped the entire contents of our house to the UK using Mayflower.

      I do not have the shipping forms that were filled in relation to the shipping. I have been unable to get a copy from the company because they are not in my name, as far as I know.

      I need urgently to find out the following.

      When you fill in the mandate to ship from the US, you apparently have to fill in a tax code which indicates that you are moving from the US permanently.

      Does anyone know the name of the tax code?

      Does anyone have any idea how I can get a copy of the form?

      Thank you! Cynthia.

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      Hi Cynthia
      Welcome to Brits Abroad, I don't know the answer to your question, however, I know a man who may be able to help, please drop Liam an email liam@p-s-s.co.uk just let him know Kate sent you and he will do his best to help.
      Good luck