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      Cool thinking

      hello, we are looking to emigrate to oz next year still in early stages any advise would be great best place to live we have 1 boy age 10 :wub:

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      Hi Brenna,

      Now that is a very difficult question to answer! WHat does your partner do for work. The areas around Australia are so different, with the tropical far North Queensland to the moderate Tasmania.

      Work is plentyful in both WA and Qld at the moment because of the current mining boom. What do you like? Are you more city orientated?

      I personally chose Perth to be my home because of the climate, open space and because I could get work easily, my second choice would be Queensland because of ther weather and the scenery.


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      Hiya ,im biased as i love Brisbane,i think its a fantastic place to raise a family and the weather is super,well except for winter when its freezing! lol.
      I think choosing a state really boils to personal prefernce,i have friends in 3 or 4 different states of Australia,each love that place for their own reasons.Work can also play part ,as some trades are more in demand in some places than others.Some visa's also determine which states you can live in,Id research every state that has some appeal to you,you can learn alot about a place from the net,its hard to to get a feel for an area through a computer and you wont know until you if arrive if it is for you but you can get a damn good idea.
      Good luck with everything
      Cal x

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      I have lived in Melbourne for over thirty years now and we love it. We live on the Mornington Peninsula close to Port Philip Bay and Westernport Bay. We have lovely scenery here and the climate suits us very well. We both worked 20 Ė 30 mins away so never had to be a big commute which is great. Our children went to school here and made lots of friends who they still see. People who live here tend to stay and their children do too.

      Melbourne has four seasons of the year and presently itís cold the coldest winter for 10 years which is good for the snow bunnies as they are getting some excellent skiing. I like the seasons because I am a gardener and the four seasons suit gardening in my opinion. I like rhodies and camellias so have to live in a cool winter climate.

      Melbourne is very diverse and very European as a lot of European migrants settled here and still are doing. They have brought their culture and their cuisine to us and its great.

      Melbourne is a vast area and about four million people reside here. So there is something for everyone. My children tell me that itís the best live band scene and bar scene in Australia and they are of an age to know.

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      hi thanks for advice my hubby is cad draughtsman i am swaying towards perth although still looking into every option