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    Thread: Tom Ashcroft

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      Wink Tom Ashcroft

      Just joined....living in Spain and missing the UK. Joined to meet new people!!! HELLO!!!!!

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      Hey Ashcroft

      Plenty of us Brits about on here, but not all in Spain.

      Where abouts are you there?

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      I'm in Valencia, not new to Spain but new to the forum!!! Where are you?

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      In Florida actually, for my sins!

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      Florida!!!! long way from home! how long have you been away?

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      Hah, well it feels like forever, but I've actually only been in the US permanently since 2001.
      How long have you been in Valencia?

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      Been here now for four years on and off...now permanent. Loving it mostly!!!!!!

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      Can't be bad.
      Would you say it's a better quality of life for you than it was in the UK?

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      Hi Tom.. and a welcome from me too :o)
      Currently, I'm still IN the UK (west coast Scotland). Have never been to mainland Spain before, you like it I assume?

      ~ Hope

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      I am really enjoying it. I have alot of Spanish friends which help and the lifestyle for us is much better than it could be in the UK....I suppose it really does depend on what you want from life.........

      I went to Scotland for the first time last year...... Loch Lomand, Iona..that area...and fell in love.......if I lived there couldn't ever imagine leaving......bit of a different life to Spain though I think!!!!!