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    Thread: UK to OZ, Victoria region.

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      Robert Young

      UK to OZ, Victoria region.

      Hi, firstly thanks for having a look at my first post. My name is Robert and I am a self employed joiner from Glasgow, Scotland. I am 34 years old, am married and have a 2 and 3 year old. I do not need help as such deciding where I want to emigrate to, but would be greatful on any advice that could be given on how to do so. eg: agency v self move. Holiday v permanent visa. Self employed v employed. Rent home v buy. Also, how to actually get a job if I am in Glasgow? And the real question. Is there a real shortage of tradespeople in Australia? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      I am thinking about around the Melbourne area. This is not set in stone but is roughly where I am basing my queries. Got to start somewhere. Australia is a big place. Any areas to avoid would be helpful. Looking to be there before my daughter would start school. She will be 4 in March 2012.

      Many thanks


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      Hi Robert
      Welcome to Brits Abroad.
      Your first step is to see if you qualify for a visa, you can do this by going through the Wizard here: http://www.immi.gov.au/visawizard as you are 34 unfortunately the working holiday visa would not be an option.
      As you are on the SOL list (please see attached) I would be looking at a 175 Permanent Visa - although there may be many other options open to you so you would be best chatting with a registered migration agent. https://www.mara.gov.au/agent/ARSear...x?FolderID=394
      Please bear in mind applying for a visa is a slow process and some people have been waiting many years, the process is like a roller coaster of emotions and stress, but I believe it is worth it and would happily go through it all again.
      In Melbourne there is a demand for joiners/cabinet makers, but I am unsure whether they would sponsor you or whether they would even entertain you until you were here, you are best bringing enough funds to support you for approx 6 months just as a fall back. A lot of the jobs are in the South East which is good because this is where the family friendly suburbs are.
      In regards to renting or buying, I would recommend renting first so that you can get a feel for an area and also it will give you plenty more time to look around and see if there are other areas you prefer.
      Good luck
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      Robert Young
      Hi, Kate. Thanks for that. Any suggestions on areas that are affordable and half decent. Don't really need to be too near the coast but in saying that not too far away would be good. I have family in Aspendale. Is the 175 visa the one costing around $7000? And with this type of visa how do I get a job, sponsorship or set up my own business if I am not in the country? Seems a little catch 22. Ideally I would like to only travel once to Australia and stay rather than hopping back and forth as this would be costly.

      Thanks again