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      Thai me up

      Useful information for UK expats retiring abroad!


      I'm a retired UK expat who is now living in Thailand. I'm 69 years old and retired here 4 years. Until recently i have been paying tax on my UK pension, until i heard about something called "QROPS", i can now enjoy my full pension.

      I used a company called ... they set up a meeting with me using skype and explained everything to me and arranged it all.

      "QROPS" are available to all UK expats living anywhere in the world, i thought i'd post this to let people know so they can enjoy all of their hard earned pensions.

      If you want some information and contact details just send me a private message as they get removed on public posts.
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      Hi and welcome, do you get commission for the plug?

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      Yes welcome to the boards. Keep the plugs to a minimum on the public boards and you wont have a problem with anything being removed.
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