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      What to do....? I'm stuck!

      hi everyone - I am looking for some useful feedback. I seem to find myself in a difficult situation of my own making!

      a few years ago, I up sticks and flew south to the caribbean. I had a job to go to but no experience of living there, hell I had never even visited the place. I didn't like it at first and so I came back to the uk - went with boyfriend, he ran off with the first chick with a medal and rum - but after a few months of recovery I planned my return. I went back determined to succeed and succeed I did.

      I met someone, I had my son, worked like a dog as a single-mom, have become very successful in my profession but something is missing.

      i have my own home in the caribbean parcels of land, fancy cars, and have my botc status. Have gone 'native' you might say given I don't have anything much to do with expats living here.

      when I meet Brits here either on vaca, living or working, I want to up and leave because they seem like aliens to me.

      so my son is not doing too well at school, my parents aren't well in uk, I feel like my head is bumping against the glass ceiling I have created for myself and I feel like the challenge in my job has gone yet has been replaced with a yearning to leave. I literally spend hours thinking about my future and what my options really are as compared to staying knowing that I may be denying myself the chance of a new challenge elsewhere.

      If I return to the uk, I doubt that there will be a job close to my parents which will mean me having to try and work and juggle being a single mom - I will still need to work!

      if I stay where I am, I will continue to have these yearnings and no doubt feel more unhappy. If I go home to uk, I fear that I will hate it, that my relationship with my son will suffer etc. I feel like I am truly stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. I have no relationship here and, quite frankly, don't want one for the sake of it.

      i don't know what will happen if I bring my money back to the uk. Will I be taxed to Kingdom come?

      At the moment there are no firm plans but I am thinking of placing my son in school this new term, return to the islands to close off my business etc with a return in December.

      Advice needed!
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