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      glyn oakley

      worried newcummer

      :mask:hi there to all just dropped on this site dont know if it was just look , or meant to be .
      im possibly moving from england to queensland (australia)in the next month or two,
      my fears is am i doing the right thing,as this is such a big step in our lives, i must give full respect to those of you who as taken this giant leep,
      i have a good job waiting for me ,house is sorted but were still having major thoughts, please can enyone put our minds at rest by letting us know exactly how things are there ,
      thanks -----glyn-----

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      id say go for it ,,we did and havnt looked back ,we have made a fantastic life for ourselves.If you didnt come youd always be thinking what if?????? better to have tried and failed than not tried at all,,lots of luck but im sure you will be fine ,your one step ahead of most if you have a job here waiting,
      Cal x

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      Andy Chapman
      Welcome to the Forum Glyn, hope you find the answers to all your questions and good luck with the move in a couple of months.