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      Wud love to move to America!!

      Hey evry1,

      new to this thing & not really sure how it works but wud love to move to America in the next few years & wud love to know how to begin the process or the best places to research??

      has any1 had a successful move or is it as hard as pepole make out?

      Cheers for any info u can give me


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      Hi Tee,

      Hi and welcome to Britsabroad!

      Yep it can be incredibly hard to get to live and work here but people do do it. The first place to start is what are your chances of getting a job here if you're not wealthy enough to buy your way in or you don't have family connections?

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      Well iam not sure bout the money part but my boyfriends aunt & uncle & cousins stay in L.A which is where i wud love to go to!!

      Where abouts in Calafornia do u cum from? what places wud u recommend to live?


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      If your boyfriend is a US citizen and you are engaged planning to marry you could think about a fiance visa. Otherwise you really need to think about what qualifications, skills and experience you have which might enable you to find an employer who will pay to sponsor you. Or you could look at a student visa but you would be paying a lot more to study here as an international student. Here is a website that will give you more information about visas:

      Visa Home

      You should read through the visa info and see if there's any that you think you might be eligible for.