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      yorkie gal

      Happy Yorkshire Lass says a big Hello

      Hi everyone,
      Am a newby and just wanted to say hi to you all out there, i am a Yorkshire Lass through and through now living in beautiful Alaska.
      I met my husband over a year ago and moved from the city of Hull in Yorkshire to be with him.
      Looking forward to chatting with everyone

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      Cal will become famous soon enough
      Hiya i am from ''just over t'hill'' in Bury,lol but now living life to the full in sunny Australia.
      Cal x

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      Hello Yorkie Gal - thats real out there country Alaska me thinks.. welcome to the forum. I'm another who opted for a "LifeDownUnder"

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      Andy Chapman
      well i'm a brit living in England and still like it here, !just!

      A big welcome from me too Yorkie Gal

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      Hi Yorkie gal, Alaska hey I dont think there is anyone on here from there. We are hoping to move to Canada.

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      Belated Hello to you Yorkshire Lass!

      Alaska..wow.. bit of a change from Yorkshire, yeah? haha!
      I have relatives(-to-be!) in Juneau! After thinking I'd be moving to the U.S. with my O/H, he's now going to come over here instead..but we haven't ruled out moving back to the U.S later. How did you find the whole emigration process? I assume you got married before you moved over?


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      yorkie gal
      Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.
      Hi Hope i found the immigration process to be a total bloody nightmare, so we hired an Attorney to do our paper work and she was just great.
      I came over to Alaska on a K1 Visa and we got married over here in July, right now i am in the middle of adjusting status have my interview next Tuesday GULP!! i always get sooooooo nervous.
      But if all goes well i will get my green card and be good to go at least for a couple of years.
      Love it here and its very,very different from Yorkshire my accent causes loads of confusion though! lol
      So my O/H is the interpretor.

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      Hi again,
      Haha.. I can imagine your accent will be a thrill to hear for many of your new friends..I know my scottish one is when I am over there! Just have to really slooow down to begin with. Glad you are enjoying your new life there!
      Interesting about you getting there without being married first... when I was looking into things.. that seeemed to be the only way I'd be able to move over - ie. if we got married beforehand.
      I'm sure all will be fine for you .. what's to get nervous about? You are quite legitimate and have a right to be there!

      Anyhoo - happy for you!

      ~ Hope :o)

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      Hi Yorkshirelass,

      and welcome :)

      State wise, I'm about as far away from you in the US as its possible to be, no winter snow here.
      Anyway, no doubt we'll have some things in common.