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    1. Electrician moving to Canada

      Started by garydavidwren, 06-03-2011 03:05 PM
      area, canada, canadian, electrical, english, expat, experience, great, home, info, ing, link, links, live, london, moving, ontario, wife, work
      • Replies: 6
      • Views: 13,877
      Last Post: 14-07-2012 05:14 PM
      by watts36  Go to last post


    2. The English Language (and its complexities)

      Started by Aldo, 05-03-2011 12:29 PM
      address, bit, british expats, car, dry, easy, english, friends, house, las, link, lot, morning, night, people, real, room, site, sky, speak, sun, thing, things, tickets, work
      • Replies: 5
      • Views: 6,216
      Last Post: 07-03-2011 05:56 AM
      by Aldo  Go to last post
    3. Important survey on suitability for Australian Migration

      Started by Mind Less, 01-03-2011 01:22 AM
      2 Pages
      1 2
      100, aldo, australia, ava, bbc, bit, blown, british expats, cal, fashion, forums, free, important, interesting, link, lol, make, migration, popular, post, ready, start, survey, taking, thing
      • Replies: 14
      • Views: 6,574
      Last Post: 02-03-2011 03:26 AM
      by Mind Less  Go to last post
      • Replies: 0
      • Views: 2,617
      Last Post: 26-02-2011 02:57 PM
      by virtuallynao  Go to last post
      • Replies: 1
      • Views: 2,831
      Last Post: 31-08-2012 05:43 PM
      by djengo1312  Go to last post


    4. moving back to uk...HELP

      Started by janine kay, 17-12-2010 11:58 AM
      address, advice, advise, british, britsabroad, care, expats, family, ing, interesting, link, lived, living, london, moving, nationals, nervous, nhs, office, pensions, people, signing, site, spain, work
      • Replies: 9
      • Views: 9,798
      Last Post: 28-12-2010 08:00 PM
      by purple  Go to last post
    5. Japan Expats 5min Survey - Please Help!

      Started by sheena22, 21-11-2010 07:17 AM
      address, business, click, expat, expatriates, expats, experience, forums, free, george, help!, information, ing, international, japan, life, link, living abroad, research, sheena, student, survey, university
      • Replies: 1
      • Views: 3,064
      Last Post: 22-11-2010 03:45 PM
      by purple  Go to last post


    6. 21st Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

      Started by BritXoomer, 09-11-2010 11:28 PM
      2010, anniversary, article, berlin, brit, british expats, family, fun, funny, global, good, link, living, marks, members, money, money transfer, people, roma, section, special, transfer, usa, week, year
      • Replies: 3
      • Views: 3,071
      Last Post: 10-11-2010 12:13 AM
      by purple  Go to last post
    7. Anyone from Liverpool?

      Started by Paver Smith, 09-11-2010 05:17 PM
      500, address, britsabroad, care, click, company, day, expats, football, fun, good, great, hearted, home, information, ing, link, miss, moved, people, phone, post, section, survey, work
      • Replies: 2
      • Views: 3,756
      Last Post: 13-03-2011 03:05 PM
      by Hoff to Oz  Go to last post
    8. BBC iplayer

      Started by Ashcroft, 29-04-2010 07:26 AM
      abroad, australia, bbc, bit, british, british expats, brits, coming, fantastic, good, great, link, living, missing, moving, people, pictures, provide, quality, service, support, thread, wanted, week, world
      • Replies: 8
      • Views: 5,663
      Last Post: 16-05-2011 09:04 AM
      by vtvictor45  Go to last post
    9. Some help and Guidance if that's possible........

      Started by Orko42, 02-11-2010 12:10 PM
      answer, assistance, britsabroad, channel, company, degree, experience, good, great, happy, information, interview, link, process, qualifications, questions, required, single, site, skills, usa, visa, work, working
      • Replies: 3
      • Views: 3,421
      Last Post: 03-11-2010 04:04 PM
      by purple  Go to last post


      • Replies: 8
      • Views: 6,378
      Last Post: 16-03-2011 07:27 PM
      by toxan  Go to last post
    10. We would love to move to canada to work and live

      Started by dgirl, 09-08-2010 09:31 AM
      2003, answer, arrived, british expats, britsabroad, canada, days, english, friend, girl, good, holiday, info, link, live, lives, long, love, members, move, opportunity, questions, visa, work, working
      • Replies: 4
      • Views: 3,461
      Last Post: 11-10-2010 03:46 AM
      by Henry101  Go to last post
    11. hello im new and a bit lost

      Started by fonfe, 04-10-2010 09:12 AM
      america, answer, bit, britsabroad, citizenship, direction, home, ice, immigration, information, link, living, lost, lot, move, nice, point, possibly, post, question, questions, section, service, site, tony
      • Replies: 3
      • Views: 3,004
      Last Post: 05-10-2010 07:06 PM
      by purple  Go to last post
    12. Uk to USA

      Started by RubySparkles, 30-09-2010 09:30 PM
      advice, ban, buying, family, free, granted, home, investment, kind, link, migrants, months, move, questions, service, site, stories, thing, tips, usa, visa, wanting, work, year
      • Replies: 2
      • Views: 2,791
      Last Post: 01-10-2010 03:46 PM
      by purple  Go to last post
    13. Transporting dogs by yourself?

      Started by ottobottodog, 29-08-2010 06:15 AM
      british expats, britsabroad, case, company, dogs, horses, house, ing, international, link, make, men, moved, people, pets, planning, problem, shipping, site, things, tips, transportation, travel
      • Replies: 3
      • Views: 3,071
      Last Post: 04-09-2010 04:51 PM
      by purple  Go to last post
    14. how to live and work in the usa

      Started by leighsally, 25-08-2010 06:34 PM
      america, britsabroad, community, employment, friends, health, home, information, link, live, living, men, move, nhs, people, post, rain, site, start, student, usa, visa, work, working
      • Replies: 3
      • Views: 4,955
      Last Post: 28-08-2010 04:27 PM
      by purple  Go to last post


    15. Advice needed should i re-train

      Started by tor535, 25-06-2010 07:28 PM
      advice, agencies, agent, area, australia, bit, coast, east, employment, experience, gold, holiday, jobs, las, link, meet, place, prospects, recruitment, speak, sponsored, sponsorship, time, victoria, website, working, year
      • Replies: 6
      • Views: 3,443
      Last Post: 19-08-2010 11:46 AM
      by Tim  Go to last post
    16. Debbie & Les say Hi

      Started by ClynshawsES, 03-08-2010 08:41 PM
      britsabroad, case, costa, costa del sol, great, home, ice, link, make, move, post, spain, type
      • Replies: 2
      • Views: 2,332
      Last Post: 03-08-2010 08:48 PM
      by purple  Go to last post
    17. Sticky Thread Sticky: The link for the US Embassy in London

      Started by purple, 28-06-2010 06:28 PM
      department, embassy, experience, fees, happy, home, ice, immigration, information, link, links, london, members, men, nice, people, post, questions, searching, site, states, thoughts, visa
      • Replies: 2
      • Views: 5,134
      Last Post: 30-06-2010 03:16 PM
      by purple  Go to last post


    18. America - Advice and Suggestions

      Started by paul1982, 04-07-2010 12:10 PM
      application, contacts, days, good, international, link, lives, long, lot, love, make, moving, people, place, point, sponsorship, states, test, things, time, usa, visa, work, working, world
      • Replies: 6
      • Views: 6,021
      Last Post: 06-07-2010 12:49 PM
      by thearmchairdetective  Go to last post


    19. BUPA in Bucharest, Romania

      Started by Deanna, 02-08-2010 11:29 AM
      2 Pages
      1 2
      assistance, bit, britsabroad, care, case, click, company, ding, europe, finding, health, ice, insurance, link, list, local, make, nice, phone, place, point, roma, services, site, work
      • Replies: 10
      • Views: 5,931
      Last Post: 21-09-2010 10:01 AM
      by Deanna  Go to last post


    20. What type of visa do the need initially?

      Started by TheGannons, 22-10-2009 11:34 AM
      advice, australia, big, bit, emigrating, events, great, home, house, initially, life, link, long, member, perth, pomsinoz, process, school, search, stay, taking, thing, time, type, visa, work, working, year
      • Replies: 2
      • Views: 3,495
      Last Post: 22-11-2010 04:46 AM
      by 897nicole  Go to last post
    21. 22, fed up with life here in the UK

      Started by mws1873, 02-12-2009 11:44 PM
      advice, america, brits, company, dept, fed, happy, home, immigration, information, life, link, live, opportunity, parent, people, possibly, question, section, service, site, state, travel, usa, visa, website, work
      • Replies: 4
      • Views: 6,139
      Last Post: 29-12-2009 02:58 PM
      by AndreaM  Go to last post


      • Replies: 4
      • Views: 3,219
      Last Post: 06-05-2010 12:34 PM
      by purple  Go to last post
    22. Moving to the USA with R1 Visa

      Started by mattandjen, 20-01-2010 10:52 AM
      advice, america, appreciated, dept, easy, florida, ing, link, move, moving, permanent, planning, post, question, religious, residency, state, travel, usa, visa, wanted, website, wife, workers
      • Replies: 1
      • Views: 3,586
      Last Post: 26-01-2010 01:23 PM
      by purple  Go to last post


    23. Newbie from Spain

      Started by magnets, 20-04-2009 09:19 AM
      big, bit, britsabroad, chat, dad, day, good, hubby, ing, internet, link, links, live, living, lot, newbie, people, place, spain, teacher, time, visa, website, work, work visa
      • Replies: 6
      • Views: 3,462
      Last Post: 20-04-2009 05:14 PM
      by magnets  Go to last post
    24. Home Loan Help in Australia

      Started by Russ, 02-09-2009 01:14 AM
      answer, australia, buying, dad, great, happy, home, link, live, living, loan, loans, love, lucky, morning, perth, place, questions, real, real estate, things, thread, true, website, yorkshire
      • Replies: 2
      • Views: 3,532
      Last Post: 23-09-2009 02:13 PM
      by Russ  Go to last post
    25. Moving to the US, some advice...

      Started by pcoghlan, 08-08-2009 03:06 PM
      advice, america, british, closed, day, department, english, florida, good, happen, link, live, lives, living, long, lot, moving, northern, people, place, scotland, state, thing, things, thinking, usa, visa, work
      • Replies: 6
      • Views: 10,630
      Last Post: 17-09-2013 05:28 PM
      by tdrake641  Go to last post


    26. help in getting usa jobs...advise

      Started by sam and nick, 06-08-2009 05:50 PM
      3 Pages
      1 2 3
      ali, britsabroad, card, dual, employment, family, immigration, jobsadvise, las, link, live, lives, living, lot, love, making, nationality, overseas, people, posts, running, thought, unemployment, usa, wanting, website, workers
      • Replies: 21
      • Views: 13,793
      Last Post: 11-08-2009 06:15 PM
      by purple  Go to last post


    27. trevor ronald harrison

      Started by millybaggit, 31-07-2009 08:58 PM
      brother, good, harrison, kuala, lady, las, late, link, lumpur, malaysia, moved, names, ronald, school, service, tracing, trevor, vietnam, website
      • Replies: 3
      • Views: 3,922
      Last Post: 23-08-2016 08:50 AM
      by Ianharrison  Go to last post

      Lost Abroad

    28. Student Research

      Started by ZoeLikesTea, 27-07-2009 09:23 PM
      australia, british, buy, cal, expats, forums, free, good, happy, help!, hiya, ideas, information, knowledge, link, live, people, question, questionnaire, questions, research, send, site, student, survey, tea, time
      • Replies: 4
      • Views: 3,150
      Last Post: 28-07-2009 05:21 PM
      by ZoeLikesTea  Go to last post
    29. Moving to the US

      Started by ANDY22, 19-07-2009 10:25 AM
      america, brother, card, chances, channel, company, good, green, green card, home, link, live, lucky, move, moving, parent, permanent, point, short, site, skills, starting, visa, work
      • Replies: 2
      • Views: 2,880
      Last Post: 08-08-2009 12:37 PM
      by pcoghlan  Go to last post


    30. Agents

      Started by pumpkin, 12-07-2009 12:31 AM
      2 Pages
      1 2
      agent, agents, bad, canada, canadian, closed, company, ding, future, good, holiday, information, link, live, lives, long, lost, order, people, sad, things, time, touch, waiting, wanting
      • Replies: 15
      • Views: 6,379
      Last Post: 25-07-2009 04:09 PM
      by pumpkin  Go to last post


    31. Newby from Dubai

      Started by dubai66, 29-06-2009 07:39 PM
      2 Pages
      1 2
      asia, bar, brit, couple, day, dubai, europe, felt, good, great, happen, holiday, hotel, link, living, long, lovely, newby, phuket, place, restaurant, retired, south, thailand, victoria, working
      • Replies: 11
      • Views: 5,506
      Last Post: 01-07-2009 01:13 PM
      by dubai66  Go to last post
    32. Arcade Games

      Started by Andy Chapman, 30-03-2009 08:04 AM
      address, arcade, ass, black, click, competition, download, games, good, link, members, money, play, plug, required, sad, send, start, tour, tournament
      • Replies: 5
      • Views: 2,660
      Last Post: 15-04-2009 03:05 PM
      by Andy Chapman  Go to last post

      The Bar

    33. Gap Year Temporary Work

      Started by mudhoney, 01-04-2009 09:48 PM
      account, advice, bit, brit, cheap, company, ding, gap, hotel, ideas, link, lot, make, point, post, programme, sending, service, site, states, summer, temporary, thought, work, year
      • Replies: 3
      • Views: 3,335
      Last Post: 02-04-2009 12:34 PM
      by mudhoney  Go to last post


    34. Social work in America

      Started by Tommy Boy, 10-04-2009 10:43 AM
      agencies, agency, america, australia, employment, google, jobs, link, living, local, men, online, people, quick, recruitment, search, social, states, thing, thought, type, wife, wondering, work, workers
      • Replies: 5
      • Views: 4,093
      Last Post: 14-04-2009 02:28 AM
      by Septicbrit  Go to last post


    35. Living in Shanghai

      Started by Sandra Hatfield, 13-04-2009 04:09 AM
      2 Pages
      1 2
      abroad, big, brit, brits, children, day, drink, events, good, groups, home, ing, international, las, link, living, meet, months, morning, shanghai, site, thailand, thought, wanting, work
      • Replies: 17
      • Views: 9,087
      Last Post: 04-06-2011 11:06 AM
      by yummybrummy  Go to last post
    36. Eco-villages

      Started by OrkneytoPortugal, 15-04-2009 09:45 AM
      america, central, community, ecovillages, education, europe, experience, global, good, great, ice, information, link, lived, living, lot, man, names, or portugal, people, portugal, resources, spain, taking, thread
      • Replies: 4
      • Views: 4,210
      Last Post: 23-03-2010 11:35 AM
      by purple  Go to last post


    37. Dual Nationality update

      Started by traveller, 22-04-2009 10:26 PM
      ali, british expats, citizenship, dual, ing, link, nationality, travel, update
      • Replies: 0
      • Views: 1,986
      Last Post: 22-04-2009 10:26 PM
      by traveller  Go to last post
    38. Hello

      Started by Old Wrinlky, 06-05-2009 12:42 AM
      abroad, advise, bar, beach, britsabroad, contacts, direction, hiya, home, information, john, link, march, members, moving, point, portugal, property, prospects, rental, resources, retired, thinking, time, working
      • Replies: 5
      • Views: 3,258
      Last Post: 25-08-2009 02:46 PM
      by omostra06  Go to last post
    39. Looking For Work in a Hotel

      Started by WizzKid, 06-05-2009 01:15 PM
      bar, college, ding, english, good, hotel, job, link, months, parent, place, pomsinoz, waiting, work, working
      • Replies: 1
      • Views: 3,107
      Last Post: 07-05-2009 05:01 PM
      by Andy Chapman  Go to last post
    40. Stanford Victims need your support

      Started by CatherineB, 17-05-2009 03:50 PM
      black, british, british expats, care, click, des, family, friends, home, international, investors, life, link, lives, lost, money, people, retired, return, stanford, start, street, submit, submitted, support, victims
      • Replies: 0
      • Views: 2,260
      Last Post: 17-05-2009 03:50 PM
      by CatherineB  Go to last post
    41. Leaving The UK For Good??! Or 9 Months...

      Started by StrawberryFields, 09-06-2009 06:56 PM
      advice, andy, auckland, australia, events, expat, experience, family, good, happening, john, leaving, life, link, lucky, months, move, new life, people, place, post, sad, time, visa, week, work, working
      • Replies: 5
      • Views: 3,554
      Last Post: 06-11-2009 08:15 PM
      by The Grocer  Go to last post
    42. Download a 2009 Calender

      Started by Andy Chapman, 26-11-2008 02:44 PM
      2009, andy, buy, calender, chapman, download, father, free, interested, link, pio, post, problem, return, site, wife
      • Replies: 2
      • Views: 2,138
      Last Post: 27-11-2008 09:32 AM
      by Andy Chapman  Go to last post

      The Bar

    43. Christmas Thread

      Started by Andy Chapman, 06-12-2008 02:47 PM
      2 Pages
      1 2
      ancient, ban, big, cal, celebrations, children, christmas, days, europe, good, great, ice, important, kids, life, link, northern, roma, stay, sun, thread, website, win, winter, year
      • Replies: 18
      • Views: 6,649
      Last Post: 24-12-2008 07:27 PM
      by Andy Chapman  Go to last post

      The Bar

    44. HELP! Information please

      Started by mattymitch, 19-12-2008 12:49 PM
      appreciated, australia, cal, cheap, click, coming, expensive, football, good, help!, hiya, information, link, live, parent, poms, pomsinoz, rent, room
      • Replies: 2
      • Views: 2,802
      Last Post: 21-12-2008 11:03 PM
      by Cal  Go to last post
    45. Just Starting - any advice appreciated

      Started by stiff, 01-01-2009 04:55 PM
      advice, andy, answer, appreciated, experience, food, george, good, info, ing, link, living, possibly, retired, sites, starting, time, wife, working
      • Replies: 2
      • Views: 2,406
      Last Post: 14-01-2009 08:55 PM
      by stiff  Go to last post


    46. Initial thoughts

      Started by chrispin, 01-01-2009 05:32 PM
      advice, andy, care, dubai, girl, great, ideas, initial, leaving, link, lol, long, lot, members, men, moving, place, positions, prices, recruitment, things, thought, thoughts, trade, work
      • Replies: 2
      • Views: 2,855
      Last Post: 02-01-2009 03:46 PM
      by AngieUK  Go to last post

      Middle East

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