"Federal Labor backbencher Kelvin Thomson says Australia's projected population explosion will have a "catastrophic" effect on the environment and he has called for immigration levels to be cut.

The latest Intergenerational Report predicts Australia's population will rise to 35 million in 40 years' time, up from about 21.5 million people at present..."

In my opinion scaremongering using flawed data, many refer to data which includes temporary residents as PRs included in the population data e.g. 457s, WHVs, ETAs/Tourist Visas, International Students etc..

Many population and social experts and commentators with well known racial or cultural views are inclined to highlight environment, population growth, (Asian) student rorts etc. as a reason to stop or limit non caucasian immigration.

Interesting how you never see Australians asking themselves as to whether they should compromise their massive appetite for more cars, bigger houses, suburban sprawls, conspicuous consumption, etc.?