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      Assessment on the poms in oz site any advice please????

      Hi I have just had an email from an agent from your other site poms in oz, I filled out the assessment to see if we could qualify for a visa and now they have asked for oh cv. As they think we could be eligble for the skilled visa or a sponsored visa. Has anyone filled this out or even used that agent??? Just thinking is it worth sending my oh cv, I mean anything is worth a try, but do they just sent this to everyone anyway, do not want to get our hopes up!!!!

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      Andy Chapman
      HI Del, thought you were looking to go to Canada, have you now changed your mind.

      If it's Oz your now looking to go to i would ask the same question on that forum as they have about 14000 members and 1000 posts per day.


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      Liz H
      [ thought you were looking to go to Canada,

      So did I.


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      We are looking to go to Canada but keep hearing visa can take upto 3 or 4 years to get there. So I filled it out just to see really. Just think 3 or 4 years is such along time, it is abit disheartening really. But I will keep trying I have not given up yet!!!!!

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      didnt really need to see this stuff thanks