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      family moving to toronto for 3 yrs for work

      we're a family moving to toronto with my husbands work, i have lots of questions running around my head at the minute as ive just found out recently.

      Predominantly its the kids schooling, because we are not going permanently, i wondered if there are british curriculum schools here. If not, how does it all work ?
      My children are now 12 and 10 and obviously when we go back to england, my son will be yr 10, which i beleive is an important yr re:picking subjects etc. Does it matter?? How different is the school structure?
      We can afford to put them in a private school if necessary but what are the state schools like in comparison ??

      Another big question is where to live? Where are the nice areas? All ive picked up is the general location of popular residential areas. I do want a family friendly place where the kids can play out, a good size garden (if possible) and within close proximity of good school.
      Not asking for much eh!!

      Anyway, if anyone can shed a little light on my concerns id be really grateful.
      Thanks x

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      Hi and welcome to Britsabroad :)

      Hopefully some of our Canadian contingent of expats can throw some light on your darkness.

      All the best


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      I think your family will enjoy living in Canada. I wouldn't worry about enrolling your children in public school, as long as you pay attention to what they are doing, and hire a tutor for a particular subject if necessary they will be fine.
      As for where to live in Toronto, it is best to discuss this with a realtor (estate agent), as they will be most familiar with the area. You can research on your own at www.mls.ca, but will need to contact a realtor to view properties. BTW, you only visit one realtor and they will have access to all the properties available, as we work on a multiple listing system, which is quite a bit different than the UK.
      Best wishes and good luck.

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      Hi and welcome to Britsabroad.

      Glad to see we have some Canadian members materialising out there. :)