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    Thread: Has the recession hit Canada too???

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      Has the recession hit Canada too???

      Hi we are hoping to move to Canada well we would love to. My oh is in the construction Industry and I am a Teaching Asssistant, just wondering if the recession has hit Canada like it has here. If it has will it take long to come out of it, they are saying it will take years for here just wondering if Canada is the same

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      Yes, but not in a drastic way, it really depends where you are. As a qualified construction worker there is usually work availibility, however it depends which city you go to. I say city because really that is the most important move to be close to a significant population base say 250,000 and up. Go on line check out Job Opportunities. Vancouver up until the Olympic Games will be booming but that is only good till Jan 2010
      I live in Halifax Nova Scotia that really seems to hold it's own , right now Toronto is soft as is Ontario in general, do some homework. Good luck it's a great country, however a nice pub, a decent pint and a good chuckle are few & far between.

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      Thanks 9sheets for your reply will do my homework and we will keep looking for work just wasnt sure how bad the recession was over there, but thanks and we will keep our fingers crossed and hopefully something will turn up

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      Del, I am confident that through your research you will see that the Canadian economy is one of the strongest in the world. Looking back at 2008 every country experienced significant declines. Although 2008 was rough for Canada, the Canadian market outperformed every stock exchange in 2008 and is one of the leaders in the recover for 2009. Good luck with your research. A good place to start is the Globe and Mail website. It is a major Canadian news paper.

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      Thank you Andrew for your reply, we would just love to move over there ,a friend of ours has moved to maple ridge and they love it so we will keep looking and with abit of luck we might get to move over there, so thanks again for your reply.

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      hi del & 9sheets

      9sheets seems we are neighbours im in sackville

      i dont think we are hit here as bad as the UK which i no is bad rite now.

      there seems to be a lot of jobs out there waiting to be filled and we are not in a credit crunch like the UK

      take care


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      Canada is currently in a pretty good position financially, so it's certainly evident that we weren't hit as bad as say the UK or US in the credit crunch.

      All the best.

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      Yes for sure, though not as bad as the UK. I usually find lots of jobs for me available online local sites, but recently there is nothing, and having spoken to other friends who are also in professions over here, and Canadians in Finance who also confirmed that budgets are tight over here right now but it is a bit better than it was six months ago.

      Hope that helps.
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