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      British expat becomes first expat to win a seat in Spanish Govt

      A British Expat, Jessica Simpson, 31, formerly of Nottinghamshire has become the first expat politician to lead a political party and win a seat in Spanish government following her success in the regional and local elections on May 22.

      As leader of Mojacar Positiva Se Mueve, Ms Simpson, 31, from Nottinghamshire, will now represent her party in the town hall, have a say in all future town proposals and give a voice to the expat community that makes up 70 per cent of the Mojacar population.

      Her involvement in a community association group set up four years ago to lobby the government to improve local facilities was her first taste of politics and led to her establishing Mojacar Positiva Se Mueve, a party whose demographic reflects that of the town: 45 per cent English, 25 per cent non-Spanish and 30 per cent Spanish.

      The move by the mayor of Mojacar in 1987 to entice foreigners to Spain with cheap housing is somewhat reminiscent of recent attempts by the Spanish government as it attempts to offload 700,000 unsold houses to British and European investors, a task now more dificult given the country's tarnished reputation for selling homes which are later deemed illegal by retrospective planning laws.

      Referring to the Spanish property boom and accompanying social problems, Ms Simpson said: "Our coastline here is 17km long and vast amounts of developments have popped up unregistered.

      "Now things have grinded to a halt, many of these urbanisations are left without services such as water and electricity and are running off generators.

      "I know one English gentleman in his 80s who bought a home on a plot next to three others 20 years ago, paid in cash and was never given the deeds.

      "He now wants to sell it because he has no family to leave it to but can't because there is no record of this house existing despite the fact that he has been paying his council tax to the town hall all these years.

      "It is as if Spain has spent the last 20 years concentrating so much on building and developing that it just forgot about society, and that's what we need to change."

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      I find this a perfect sing of the integration in Europe !! If only the same goes for the UK. Do u think so that a non-Brit can be a politician ? What does that say ?