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      Which country's law will my will be judged?

      Having just turned 50 I'm somewhat morbidly thinking about updating my will. I live in Germany with my second wife and our children but my eldest child still lives in the UK with my first wife. From what I have read so far, German inheritance law is more prescriptive ie wife entitled to 50% of my estate and teh kids sharing the other 50% (after any indeividual bequests) whereas I have a freer hand under English Law. Does anyone know if I can specify which law should be used when the time comes?

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      If you are a British citizen I believe you can have a Will drawn up in the UK. The obvious answer to your dilemma is to seek the advice of a British law firm specializing in Wills and probate. I see no way around that. It is worth the investment on such an important matter.