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      Playing live in Spain

      Hi everyone,

      First time poster, big hello to everyone. I've just popped in for some general tips from any Expats living in Spain.

      I'm currently spending most of my free time playing in a general covers band, doing a range from the 50s right into the current chart hits. Owing to the depressing nature of summers in the UK, we were thinking of coming over to Spain with the band for maybe a month next year to play to the holidaymakers. Is this at all practical? Are there any working procedures we'd have to apply for?

      Is there perhaps an organisation that deals with entertainment and live performance I could approach? A quick search on Google led me here.

      I'd appreciate any help anyone could offer me.

      Best regards,


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      Thanks Sheena!

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      Hi Colin,
      I live near Alicante on the Costa Blanca. Your best bet is to come over on a cheap package and have a look around, the sort of venues you would be looking for would be where there are large expat communities, like Benidorm,Torreivieja, Malaga . These large towns have masses of bars and clubs and would attract the crowds in the season, but there are also loads of bars that have weekly live music all year round. Keep searching on the net for 'expat communities in Spain', you'll find loads of folk to give you info. Good luck.

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      Thanks very much for your reply. I think think the idea is that two of us will fly out at some point and have a look about and get talking to people.

      If you or anyone else has any other advice I'd really appreciate it!

      Thanks again,