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      working or starting abusiness in Portugal

      Finding paid employment in Portugal can be hard, our guides will help you understand your options

      If you are considering moving to Portugal and intend to find work it is important you consider the difference in salaries before making a life changing move.
      Although the cost of living is significantly less in Portugal, it is proportional to the income. Many unskilled jobs in Portugal will be at the minimum wage rate, which is 475 per month (as 2010).
      An inability to speak or comprehend any Portuguese will also reduce your employment opportunities further in Portugal.
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      If you are determined to start a company or business in Portugal it is best you know the procedure involved. Unfortunately you cannot simply get business cards printed and begin trading the next day.
      Well you can but you run the risk of hefty fines from the tax office should you decide to do this. In Portugal if you want to run a business or company you will need to ensure you have all the correct paperwork signed, sealed and in triplicate.
      The Portuguese government will and can tax income earned illegally by so-called businesses and impose heavy fines on the perpetrators so it's best to know the law and try and operate within it, even if you have a rudimentary command of the language.
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      Hope this helps

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      Well this is a nice guide yet. Could you expand a bit when it comes to red tape. How many days has one to wait for a permission in order to open a shop, what about corruption I have been reading a lot of stuff for corrupt public servants that you need to ''compensate them'' in order to get things done !!

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      A dutch man had a shop for six months, completely illegal, in the main street of a small town and nothing happened to him untill I lost track of him. I myself had a second hand shop from March to September and was never controled in any way. I supose it has to do with luck.